Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

Name:Ray Akbar

class  : X-Social

Absent :18
It`s Me
All About me

Hello, It’s me.I want introduce my self.i am Togar.my 
Fullname Ray akbar,I was born at 22 February 2002 in Bandung,when I was 5 years old ,
      im kinder garten at jl cipaera bandung,it was very happy in there,I have good friend,good teacher and many many all that.playing a swing,a see saw,a slider and many things in al-musdariah kinder garten.i was study with my favorite teacher,she name Bu rina,she’s very good teacher for me I like him.

After graduating kindergarten I went to elementary school, and I enter elementary school 5th centaur 5 bandung located in jl centeh.disana I have experience sweep the futsal.

After graduating Sd with nem that is less satisfactory I went to smpn 2 bandung, and I also in smpn 2 bandung experienced row again with futsal championship is the champion 2 ,And it's an experience that makes me miss my friends who always help me in all sorts of things such as tasks hehe.
After graduated in smpn 2 bandung with nem that is less satisfactory, I am menelarke sman 3 bandung which is not far from smpn 2 bandung and alhamdullilah I received in sman3 bandung until now I am happy to enter in sman 3 bandung.
My hobby at home likes to play ball with my friends.
And my goal is to be a soldier and want to boast of parents.

Yes that's all I say sorry if there is one wrong word
assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.