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LDKS (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa)

               Location Pussenif (Yudha Wastu Pramukha)

On September 21-23 I implemented Basic Training Leadership students,
at that time on the 21st of september I leave from home at 6:25 when at 6:30 o'clock must udh there, all because waiting for my friend he was showering at 6:15 was when he woke up the reason '' I think at 8.30 '' said sahid.
then I can class D and it turns out that class D has high solidarity,
in class D has 25 students led by qafqa and represented by me, class D has a trainer named pak supri And pak like son pinem, he is the coach sparko.then on 22 september at 01.00 I was woken up in an emergency and had to wear a full-fledged pant, At that time there are still many students who are still incomplete and get punished by the trainers, I'm still lucky I wore a full outfit. After waiting for old students who was convicted and then we continue to pray tahajud congregation after beres prayers tahajud bejamaah very sleepy I returned the lust to continue sleeping.
then we were awoken at 04.30 to pray shubuh congregation.
after dawn prayers in congregation I continue my morning gymnastics, after my morning gymnastics I returned the lust to do clean clean bandan or bath
after a shower I went on breakfast.
  In the afternoon I arrived on the materials from the trainers, after doing the material I continued the line up.
then after the line lined up we returned the splendor to ready to ready the way to the Garden of the Heroes of the tomb by foot.
after the garden tomb of the hero right on maghrib prayer then I do maghrib prayer first.
then at 22.00 me and my class D went to TPU hero to do the night karaka, in there I got abercromatic question asked to tell about the news content provided by the coach and can only be told at the end of the post only, it turns out it happened post errors that should be below but this is above the grave and there I got punishment road squats and push ups are very tiring and the most unpleasant when it was told to eat wooden candy that feels bitter.

I had the most exciting experience of doing a night in a hero TPU (Public Cemetery).
And according to I The event tersbut less long and less satisfied.

Rabu, 27 September 2017

Resume Beautiful place


                                                 foto: arounddeglobe.com
The Acropolis is a rocky high plateau ashigh as 156 m, and there are some ancient ruins of buildings that used to be the temple that became the historic center of Athens. Now the Acropolis is a testament to the history of the pride of Athens about the glory around 2,400 years ago.

The Acropolis, built 1,300 years old, is actually a beautiful little town, until the Persian kingdom destroyed it in 480 BC. A year later the Greek armies defeated the Persians and rebuilt the temples. Between 467 and 404 s.m the building was completed. In 1834 Athens became the capital of Greece, king Otto designated the Acropolis as a protected archaeological building. The 1975 Acropolis was restored

The Acropolis is an ancient fortress located above the rocks high above Athens and one of the most famous is the Parthenon. Although it got a big attack from the Byzantine Empire this site still stands majestic until now and became one of the favorite destinations in Europe,
The Acropolis is a reference to Greeko-Roman texts that had been formally rejected by the Bauhaus movement in Germany and several other countries in mainland Europe in the early 1900s, which had dominated mainland Europe since the Middle Ages after the Renaissance. The true basic theory of Greeko-Roman architecture by most historians and architectural critics is regarded as the most enduring architectural science as it appears throughout the ages, including in Sasds.
The Parthenon is a temple to the goddess Athena built at the peak of the highest proof in Athens, at Acropolis ("Kota Tinggi"). In the Late Bronze Age, around 1300 BC, the Acropolis was the residence of the kings, as well as the last place of defense if the city of Athens was attacked. After the Dark Ages, the city of Athens was no longer governed by the king, instead they adopted the oligarchy. Thus, the Acropolis was no longer the residence of the king, instead, it became a sacred place for the goddess Athena, and the Athenians built a temple for her there.

The first Athena temple in Acropolis was first built in the Arkaik period and is made of limestone. When the Persian forces conquered Athens in the Persian-Greek War, they destroyed the temple, just before the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC. After the war, the remains of the temple were buried under the Acropolis.

For a long time after the Greco-Persian War, the Athenians let the Acropolis as a ruin and did not attempt to renovate it, as a war memorial. In the 440s BC, the Athenians wanted to re-establish their Parthein with greater and more beautiful.

To rebuild the Parthenon, Athens needs a lot of money. The Athens government outsmarted this problem by taking out the Delos League dues and using it to build the Parthenon. The Delos League is the alliance of the city-states in Greece led by the city of Athens. The money itself comes from payments by all members and the League and in fact it should be used for the benefit of the League, which is fighting against the Persians. But because Athena needed a lot of money and had more power over the League of Delos, they dared to take the money for their own benefit.

Parthenon in Acropolis at night
Athena hired two famous architects, Kallikrates and Iktinus, as well as a famous sculptor, Pheidias, to build the Parthenon. This time the whole building was made of marble and featured the latest architectural style, and with a larger size.

Parthenon architects want to build the finest temples in Greece. When most of the Greek temples had six poles on the front, the Parthenon had eight columns. Other Greek temples are decorated by friz (metallic boulder only) or methane (individually decorated stone panels) only, while the Parthenon has friz and metope as well. There is a series of triglif and metaphor in the main arkitraf, above the Doria-style pole, and there is friz in the deep arkitraf, above the Ionian-style pole. So when another Greek temple had a pole with only one style, the Partheon poles were made in two styles.

The Doria-style Parthenon pole
Architects want to make Parthenon as beautiful as possible. Kallicrates and Iktines wanted the Parthenon to appear floating, so they designed this temple slightly curved toward the middle, so that the Parthenon seemed to be flying into the air. They also know that if the pole is made straight, then the optical illusion will make the temple appear thin in the center, so they design the pole to be thicker in the center, so that all the posts will be upright and as thick.

Pheidias Shows Friz Parthenon to his friends, Lawrence Alma-Tadema's 1868 painting
At the front of the Parthenon, in a triangular pediment, Pheidias sculptures the rivalry scene between the goddess Athena and the god Poseidon as the main god in the city of Athens. In the back pediment, he puts a sculpture depicting the birth of the goddess Athena from the head of the god Zeus. Unfortunately, most of the pediment is now damaged, and the remaining parts are now stored in the museum.

Reconstruction of Parthenon's eastern perimeter depicting the birth of the goddess Athena from the head of Zeus
On metope, just under the roof of the Parthenon, Pheidias sculptures the battle scene between the Lapith tribe against the Kentaur creatures of the story of Kentauromakhia, the Greeks against the Amazonians from the story of Amazonomakhia, the gods against the giants of the Gigantomakhia story, and the scene of the destruction of Troy by Greek troops.

One metope in the Parthenon illustrates the struggle between Lapiths against Kentaur
All of these stories show the greatness and superiority of the Greeks and Greeks of other nations and civilizations in general, and how the Greek men and gods were able to defeat all against them, from giants, kentaurs, Trojans, to women (Amazon tribes).

In the Parthenon friz, Pheidias sculpted the Athenian ritual, along with the girls in the front, who brought new clothes to the goddess Athena in her temple.

Metope that depicts the dress offerings for the goddess Athena
Most of the sculptures are made in a beautiful new style, all of whose characters seem to move gracefully, and their clothes seem to float and are so thin, almost transparent that all the muscles and tendons they, beautifully portrayed, can be seen. The other Friz on the Parthenon described the young Athenians riding horses. The horses feel excited about being in the parade, and the riders are trying to control it. This sculpture demonstrates Pheidias's ability to display horse and human movements. Friz rider at the Parthenon Inside the Parthenon, 

Pheidias sculptures an enormous statue of the goddess Athena, made of gold and ivory (kriselefantin). The statue is called Athena Parthenos. Unfortunately this statue is now gone, because the statue has been melted by people to take his gold. The replica of the Athena Parthenos statue in the United States Parthenon stands as a symbol of Athens's triumph for about eight hundred years. When the Athenians converted to Christianity around AD 400, they converted the Parthenon into a Christian church, and it remained standing for a thousand years. But when the Ottoman Empire ruled Greece around the 1400s, they were not so interested in the Christian church because they were Muslims, so Parthenon gradually began to break down and be neglected. In the 1600s AD,

 the Ottomans used the Parthenon as a storage for ammunition in the war against the Venetians. The Ottomans thought that no one would attack the Parthenon so that their ammunition was safe there. But in 1687, someone accidentally ignited the ammunition and made it explode. This incident made many of Parthenon's carvings and roofs crumble. The southern part of the Parthenon severely damaged by the explosion of 1867 In the 1700s, an Englishman named Lord Elgin bought Parthenon sculptures from the Ottoman government and brought them to England. 
Now the sculptures are in the Museum of Britain. Many felt that the sculpture should have returned to the city of Athens, while others felt that the sculpture should remain in England. The statues of the Parthenon are now in the Museum of Britain.

sumber;sejarah acropolis .co.id

Q & A

1.what year does this building stand on?
2.where is the location of the building?
3.who has designated the acropolis as an archaeological building?
4.who bought Parthenon sculptures from the Ottoman government and brought them to England?
5.who carved a huge statue of the goddess Athena?

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in this video me and my friend promote cikuray mountain,
if you want to see it completely,
                                          see the video below                                     

Minggu, 27 Agustus 2017

Letter of permission

On Saturday there is an event of world tournament english language with pirate theme, but i can not attend, because there is agenda that is peak of birthday event of republic indonesia.

Rabu, 23 Agustus 2017

My Plan


Bagas  : Hey Ray,How are you?
Ray     : I'm Fine,You?
Bagas  :I'm Fine too,What are ou doing here?
Ray     : I'm Preparing plans for next month's vacation.
Bagas  : Where are you on vacation?
Ray     : Next month's i will go to the montain and camp there.
Bagas  : What montain  you want visit?
Ray     : Mount Cikuray.
Bagas : Where is Cikuray Mountain?
Ray     :Cikuray Mountain Is Garut district.
Bagas  : With whom you go there?
Ray     : I will Go there with four of my friend.
Bagas  :Okay Good luck on the road bye.
Ray     :bye.

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Name:Ray Akbar

class  : X-Social

Absent :18
It`s Me
All About me

Hello, It’s me.I want introduce my self.i am Togar.my 
Fullname Ray akbar,I was born at 22 February 2002 in Bandung,when I was 5 years old ,
      im kinder garten at jl cipaera bandung,it was very happy in there,I have good friend,good teacher and many many all that.playing a swing,a see saw,a slider and many things in al-musdariah kinder garten.i was study with my favorite teacher,she name Bu rina,she’s very good teacher for me I like him.

After graduating kindergarten I went to elementary school, and I enter elementary school 5th centaur 5 bandung located in jl centeh.disana I have experience sweep the futsal.

After graduating Sd with nem that is less satisfactory I went to smpn 2 bandung, and I also in smpn 2 bandung experienced row again with futsal championship is the champion 2 ,And it's an experience that makes me miss my friends who always help me in all sorts of things such as tasks hehe.
After graduated in smpn 2 bandung with nem that is less satisfactory, I am menelarke sman 3 bandung which is not far from smpn 2 bandung and alhamdullilah I received in sman3 bandung until now I am happy to enter in sman 3 bandung.
My hobby at home likes to play ball with my friends.
And my goal is to be a soldier and want to boast of parents.

Yes that's all I say sorry if there is one wrong word
assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

LDKS (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa)

               Location Pussenif (Yudha Wastu Pramukha) On September 21-23 I implemented Basic Training Leadership students, at t...